Are you an aspiring filmmaker or TV enthusiast looking to kickstart your career in the world of storytelling? Joining a screenwriting group can provide the creative community and support you need to hone your skills. To help you on your path, we’ve curated a list of the best screenwriting groups to join. From established organizations to online platforms, these groups provide young individuals with the chance to connect with industry professionals and like-minded peers ensuring you receive the guidance and support you need to excel in the industry. Take the leap, join a screenwriting group, and let your talent shine on the big screen! Visit The Reel Effect today for more industry insights and resources.

Black Film Space

Black Film Space is a nonprofit organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of Black storytellers in the industry. Through its dynamic programs and initiatives, Black Film Space provides a supportive community where emerging writers can thrive. Join their network of talented individuals and gain access to a wealth of invaluable resources, including workshops, mentorship programs, networking events, and even a free podcast that offers insightful discussions and expert advice.

Through Black Film Space, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, receive valuable feedback on your work, and unlock the doors to your screenwriting dreams. Get ready to unleash your creativity, elevate your skills, and make an indelible mark in the world of film and television.

The Atlanta Film Society

Based in the vibrant city of Atlanta, The Atlanta Film Society is a dynamic community dedicated to fostering the growth and development of screenwriters in the region. Aspiring storytellers can join this supportive group to connect with like-minded individuals, receive valuable feedback on their scripts, and participate in engaging workshops and networking events. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer, The Atlanta Film Society provides a nurturing environment that encourages creativity and collaboration. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Atlanta’s thriving film industry and propel your screenwriting career forward!

The Black List

The Black List stands as a leading online platform that empowers screenwriters by providing them with a unique opportunity to showcase their work to industry professionals. With its unrivaled reputation, The Black List has become the go-to resource for discovering talented writers and potential projects that capture the imagination. By simply uploading your script, you open the door to invaluable evaluations and gain exposure within the esteemed film and TV community.

The Black List goes beyond the virtual realm to foster an engaged community of writers. Through screenwriting labs, online resources, and in-person events, members are equipped with the tools and support they need to thrive in their creative endeavors. And the best part? Membership is completely free, making it accessible for aspiring screenwriters at any stage of their journey. Submitting your script for evaluation on The Black List can kickstart your path toward recognition and success while connecting you with like-minded individuals and industry experts. Join this vibrant community where your original works have the opportunity to compete for substantial monetary prizes, propelling your career to new heights and granting your exceptional screenwriting skills the recognition they truly deserve!

Women in Film and Television (WIFT)

Women in Film and Television (WIFT) is an organization in Florida empowering women in the film and television industry. WIFT provides mentorship programs, networking events, and resources to help women excel in their careers. Although the name suggests otherwise, membership is open to both women and men, and you can join through your local WIFT chapter. By becoming a member, you gain access to a strong network of industry professionals who will uplift and inspire you on your screenwriting journey!


While not a traditional screenwriting group, WeScreenPlay offers invaluable services for screenwriters seeking feedback on their projects for television shows, movies, short plays, and more. For a small fee, writers can receive professional evaluations to enhance their work. Additionally, WeScreenPlay provides excellent opportunities for exposure through their screenwriting contests. One notable example is the TV-Pilot Writing Lab, where entrants submit their TV pilot scripts and receive feedback from esteemed judges, including industry veterans like Howard Gordon, co-creator of “Homeland,” and Wendy Calhoun, known for her work on the first season of Fox’s “Empire.” Four winners are then selected to participate in an immersive four-day virtual lab, featuring hands-on workshops, industry meetings, and the chance to learn from working TV writers. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity—the TV Pilot Writing Lab will be open for entries again starting June 15th.

Facebook Groups

You can also discover supportive communities without needing a membership and still gain access to a ton of valuable resources. Among these are the Facebook groups such as the Organization of Black Screenwriters and Black Screenwriters, which provide a supportive community for Black screenwriters. These groups are dedicated to uplifting aspiring screenwriters by fostering community conversations about the craft and business of screenwriting. Their mission is to provide aspiring writers with as much information as possible because they understand that knowledge is power and that sharing insights and experiences can help others succeed. Join these vibrant communities, where you can connect with fellow writers, gain valuable resources, and be part of a network that is committed to supporting and empowering Black voices in the world of screenwriting.

As you embark on your screenwriting journey, these remarkable groups offer the support, resources, and networking opportunities necessary for your success. Whether you join prestigious organizations like The Atlanta Screenwriters Group or explore online platforms such as The Black List, each group on this list stands ready to ignite your passion and accelerate your growth. Embrace the power of community and dive into the world of screenwriting, where your creativity can thrive and your dreams can become reality.

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