Paramount Pictures “Like a Boss” starring Tiffany Haddish and Rose Blythe, follows best friends Mel (Byrne) and Mia (Haddish) who attempt to save their struggling makeup business by making a deal with ruthless multi-millionaire makeup tycoon Claire Luna (played by Salma Hayek). What appears to be the solution to all their financial troubles, quickly turns into a whirlwind of unfortunate events with lessons about friendship, business, and doing what’s right.

Besides quirky comedic banter and slapstick humor mainly provided on the end of Haddish, “Like a Boss” explores some more serious themes such as the power of friendship and how the quest for financial gain can cause people to lose their moral upholdings.

Mia and Mel’s “best friendship” spawns over 20 years. They share a home and business, have been there for each other’s best and worst moments, and overall the “ying” to the next one’s “yang”. Their personalities are complete opposite with Mia serving as the outspoken no-hold-back one of the duo, and Mel opting in as the soft-spoken and “well-mannered” woman. Regardless, they make it work and bring out the best of each other when needed. When Claire Luna takes interest in one of their best-selling makeup products, she decides to propose a business deal with the duo that would permanently solve their current financial woos. Mel naively trusts Luna from the jump while Mia is skeptical on her true intentions for their business. Ultimately Mel convinces Mia to trust Luna and they agree to the business deal without a clue of what’s about to transpire.

Luna’s true intentions for business go beyond trying to save Mel & Mia’s store as she is on a quest to sabotage their friendship because “there are no friends in business”. Eventually Luna’s plans are foiled when both women learn of her real intentions.

Real-Life lessons and comedic relief come together as one in this modern day chic flick. Friendships can be one of the most important relationships in our lives and can change when money becomes involved. We’ve heard the classic line “be happy with what you have”, and that is surely easier said than done for one of our leading characters in the film. As stated earlier, Mia and Mel are best friends of over 20 years and pretty much do everything together. When the opportunity to become wealthy Is presented to them, unfortunately things begin to change for the worst within their relationship. Mel begins to put her desire to be financially wealthy before her and Mia’s friendship, things take a troubling turn. She begins to lose herself which causes a rift within her and Mia’s friendship. Ofcourse you can only keep a solid friendship broken for a certain amount of time. Eventually our leading lady duo decide to kiss and make up when they (and others around them) realize how much they love and need each other as besties.

If you’re looking for a solid chick flick that delivers on laughs and lessons “Like a Boss” is that film. It’s a great choice for a night out on the town with your own besties and pals. Haddish, Blyne, and Hayek aren’t the only ones delivering goofs and giggles with supporting cast mates such as Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge helping along the way. The verdict is in :head out and see Like a Boss before it bosses its way out of theaters!

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