Does time really exist when guilt freezes it in place? The crime drama, Timeless Guilt, brings us on a journey following a father that bears a heavy burden. Inspired by the short film with the same name, Timeless Guilt, follows Darnell a year after witnessing a kidnapping that put his family in danger.

While walking home with his daughter, Darnell, sees two people kidnapping a little girl. Darnell screams towards the kidnappers who in return threaten his life and his daughters after they recognize Darnell. Distraught and afraid, Darnell has to make the decision on whether or not to help detectives solve this case.

Fast forward to Timeless Guilt, the web series, and we get to see the consequences of Darnell’s decision but this time from an interesting perspective.  Starring Claudia Nell McCoyCal ForeTanzania Hugie, Emmanuel AnzulesRobert AloiJuvian MarquezMicheal Erik, Free, and Benny Flames this web series will leave your yearning for more at the end of each episode.

Before you get into the series take some time to know the creator of the show, Benny Flames, a little more with this Web Show Wednesday spotlight below.

Meah Denee Barrington: What made you turn your short film into a web-series?

Benny Flames: It was honestly friends and fans of the short film. I felt I left the short film with enough closure but people had more questions. A lot of people were telling me I should do a part two or a series, so I chose the series route since I had never done one at the time and was up for the challenge

MDB: Tell me about your motivation to create a dramatic crime series? Why this story?

BF: I’m a total ID channel fanatic, so I really love a good crime and mystery story. With this story I was actually daydreaming about situations when it came to kidnapping. The number one rule in the community (hood) is “No Snitching,” then I wondered if that same rule applies if an innocent child is kidnapped. The light came on and the whole storyline was born. 

MDB: You are basically a one-man team in the sense that you wrote, directed, produced, and edited the project what would you have done differently? Also, what was the biggest lesson you learned during this process?

BF: Definitely get more help lol. I can talk for hours on all the things I learned from this series but the biggest I would say is how important each role is when making a film. A good example is a Script Supervisor, a lot of people over look this position but its really one of most pivotal roles on the team.

BF: There were many times where we missed a line, wrong wardrobe, continuity all off but if we really had a good script supervisor that day then it would of saved us a lot a time of having to do a reshoot  

MDB: Who is your favorite character and why?

BF: Oh that’s a good one. They’re all my Favorite lol. But if I really had to choose one, I would go with Greg Rowe in the series.  He just have a lot going on, with the death of his daughter, alcohol issues, and a side girl who forced her way in being the main girl, oh man he’s has a lot of problems.  I feel like he is misunderstood, a good guy that’s plague by his demons. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next with this character.            

MDB: What advice do you give other creators that are juggling work, life, and passion projects?

BF: The best advice I would give is Sacrifice and Dedication. Sometimes you have to skip that party, date or event just to put that work in. Dedicate a whole day, once in a while, just to focus on the project. Oh and always keep positive people around you 

MDB: Has there been any surprises or recognitions that caught you off guard during this process? 

BF: I would have to say winning an award for Best Writer at the Urban Media Awards this year was a nice recognition. 

MDB: Will there be a season two? What’s the end goal for you?

BF: It’s hard to say if there will be a season two, I been working on Timeless Guilt since 2015, I kind of want to explore and work on something new. But if it makes sense to do a season two, then I’m all in. As far as what’s the end goal, I just want people to see and enjoy our work, if there’s a platform that can help with that it would definitely be a blessing to be on it.

Continue to support Timeless Guilt the series here. If you are a fan of the show make sure you meet the actors and creator at their season finale party in New York City on Tuesday, August 27th at Taj Lounge at 6pm.

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